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>Casually talking about trans people at family get together
>Entire family begin shit-talking everything to do with the LGBTQ+ community
>I just kind of laugh to play it off
>Turns into my grandfather saying all trans people should be killed
>He receives nothing but support in this notion

Tl;dr my grandfather wants me dead

What do 4chan?
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How common are women who are into femboys?
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Feet hon thread

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How does it feel to know you'll never have cute feet that are a work of art like this teeny tiny lil' drag queen that rules all of Europe and goes by Thomas by day?
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4.5% of Americans Identify as LGBT per New Gallup Data

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/femgen/ - feminine male general

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Fucking GOALS.

>What is a feminine male?
An androgynous male with feminine and soft features. Most are gay or bi.
>Are feminine males trans?
Some inevitably turn out trans. Some age into twunkhood and continue slutting it up on Grindr well past their mid twenties.
>Can I be a feminine male?
It's possible. Masculine bone structure, height, and aging make it hard.
>Should I go on HRT?
Your choice. You'll look younger longer and you won't age like a man. There's more info in the pastebin.
>Is liking feminine males considered gay or straight?
Gay. If you're on the fence, you're bi, like a lot of people.
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>Be gay
>bf is a femboy
>break up
>2 years later find out he transitioned to a girl
>was taking hrt while dating me but never told me
Do I have a right to be mad? She knew she was a woman but pretended to be a man to date me. I feel like my sexuality has been disrespected.
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Representation in gaming

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Ok /lgbt/, straight white male Trump supporter here.
What are your thoughts on gay / trans / whatever / not-straight representation in gaming? I hear it's either not enough, or too much.

I want to play games that don't have an agenda. I hate it when someone forces a character on you and demand that you like it (same can be said for movies and TV). Do -you- think that there's an overrepresentation problem in the industry? Or do you think there's not enough? If not, do you think people are bigots for not liking something if it doesn't sell well?
Not bait or troll, I want to hear from the legit members of the community.
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