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Cum on Face

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Facial cumshots / cum in mouth
Pictures where you only see the lower part of her face.
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Dicks in Between Tits

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bonus points if there's cum on them
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What would it take to turn you off from her?

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This broad walks up to you in a bar and tells you "I want you, i need you. I will be your sex slave for the next 3 hours."
After you say yes, what would she have to say for you to change your mind and not go home with her?

*as always, MODS. She did not say anything about kids.*
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Cum in Mouth, Facials, Cum Swallow ONLY

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if the girl has cum in her mouth, on her face, or is swallowing a load... post it!
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The WifeyWorld Thread

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Nice looking cock thread

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Girls with huge strapons.
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Dick Measuring

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Pics that show how far he'll reach inside her
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pregnant; white preferred; webm welcome

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dont have any hc unfortunately
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