The Porn Dude lists the best porn sites online ThePornDude

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BBC Cum on a white girl
Bonus points for for face
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wiffeys wold

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girl does suck
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Lily Labeau thread!

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Post all Lily Labeau, the bestest
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Extreme fisting and insertions

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POV BJs. EYE CONTACT REQUIRED!!!! Bonus points for glasses. Bonus points for gingers. Triple double bonus points for blue eyes.
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New JAV Thread!

Starting today with Riku Shiina. Really cute one she is.

Old Thread: >>1168143
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Braces and puffy lips thread

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Post something about braces fetish and puffy lips with braces.
Also cum on braces and stuff like that.

Passed out

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anything femdom but mistress t is especially apreciated
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One and done/Porn Sluts of the Early 2000's where are they now? One can say the internet took off in 2000 but it hit everybody by about 2007/2008 due to smart phones. So most of the one and done/porn sluts of those days are forever online no matter what they do now. Enough time has passed that some of them have to have had families and kids or nephews that will most likely find their work. I wonder how they would react if their mom/aunt/older sister was a porn star and they found her work just looking for shit to jerk off to. Pic related.....Mellisa Rowan aka Jazmin from BooBSquad....she has kids and is married now.
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