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Bugs/Problems Reporting Thread

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You can report bugs and site issues here.
I'll try to reply asap and fix them promptly.

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Since a few days the archive knows as LoveIsOver.me is now forever dead.
You can read more about it here:

I'll be archiving: /i/, /lgbt/, /t/ and /u/.
I'll be archiving them fully - text, thumbs, images. The boards will have search engine enabled.

The rest boards that were archived by Love Is Over are already archived by others:
/c/ is archived by https://archive.nyafuu.org/c/
/d/ is archived by https://desuarchive.org/d
/e/ is archived by https://archive.nyafuu.org/e

I'll try to add them as soon as possible and to continue archiving them.
Downloading the images from archive.org takes a very long time, uploading the database, merging everything, checking if everything is working correctly also takes a lot of time, so please be patient.
The database dump that I got is from 2017/09/03 abd I'll be adding archived.moe's database on top of it.
The images data (gifs, webms, etc.) are of about 1TB of size, but are up to 17-Sep-2017, so full images will be missing from that date up until I begin archiving it again (again: asap).
If someone has any more recent backups feel free to contact me.

I assume that this whole process might take one or two weeks. If any other 4chan-archive admin wishes to step in and archive one of the missing boards, please inform me.

API giving 403 Forbidden using proxy

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Hoy, I'm trying to take use of the API, through a CORS proxy to bypass cross-origin aids on Discord (since it uses Chromium as base).
Whilst 4plebs, desuarchive, fireden etc returns expected data, here I'm getting 403 Forbidden.

This is the proxy; https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/

Thanks for your service tho.

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Greetings community!

I have very exiting news for all of you - I'm finally offering bitcoin donations!
By donating you can help this website get rid from it's advertisements (read how to do that below).

Ever since this project began people have been wanting to help by donating to keep the server online or just to buy me a beer as a token of appreciation for keeping this project running day and night for over an year now.

Well now you can do it! The official ArchiveOfSins.com's Bitcoins donation address is
I'm also attaching the QR code of the above address
>pic related

And here is the Questions and Answers stage:

Q: What is this "BitCoin"?
A: In short, it's a crypto-currency - it works just as any other currency, but instead of being in paper, it's primary virtual and thus it's not connected to any bank or country.
You can find everything you need to know about bitcoins at https://bitcoin.org/en/faq

Q: Why bitcoins and not a more convenient way such as paypal/payza/moneygram/etc.
A: Paypal/PayZa/etc. has an option to charge-back money, so trolls can use this to abuse the system or even get an account suspended. This has happen to a lot of streamers and private projects. Wire transfers, checks and such are slow and have huge transfer fees and most require a lot of personal information for both the sender and the recipient, while BTC is anonymous - neither the sender or the recipient will know their names, living addresses, etc.

Q: What do I need to do to donate?
A: : You need to get a wallet (I recommend Electrum so you don't have to download the entire bitcoin blockchains data), then you need to purchase Bitcoins with actual cash (there are numerous ways to do it, check google) and then you need to send the money to the above written address aaand it's done!

Q: What will I gain from donating?
A: First of all a warm and fuzzy feeling deep down inside of you that you are helping to keep one of the largest 4chan archives online.
Second, you will help get rid of the advertisements on this website for everyone. This is how it goes:
- If I receive above 100USD in a 30 days timespan I'll remove for the next 30 days the annoying ((BlockAdBlock)) script, so people with AdBlock can now again browse the website without any interference.
- If I receive above 300USD in 30 days timespan I'll remove for the next 30 days the BlockAdBlock script and ALL sliding AND pop-up/tab-up/tab-under. kind of ads (excluding the banner ads).
- If I receive above 400USD in 30 days timespan I'll remove for the next 30 days the BlockAdBlock script and ALL advertisements on this site (popups, banners, sliders - everything !).

Note: The requested milestone amounts do not need to be in a single donation or from a single person, it's not a ransom or something like that - it's a way for everyone from this community to join in and help the admin run this project and ensure it's future, so it won't die out like archive.moe and many others did.

Q: What will the money be spend on?
A: All of the donations received will go towards paying the hosting plan which is currently about 250USD each month, including the cost for domain name and the second backup server. Additionally there are sometimes extra costs like CloudFlair's plan for better DDoS protection, which costs 200USD/month. When I rent a new server or there is an issue with a current one, there are also fees (buying this one had a one time fee of about 80USD).
I also occasionally assist other archives when they are in need. If the donations are a lot I'll be able to also help the other archives such as DesuArchive, 4pleb, Nyafuu, Warosu, etc. to buy better hardware.

Q: Is the above address and the donated money only for ArchiveOfSins.com What about the other archives?
A:Yes, the above address is strictly and only for ArchiveOfSins.com. The other archives that I operate will have their own BTC address. If the donations are enough to cover everything I'll be supporting the other major archives financially.

Q: The requested amounts seem a bit high. Why is that?
A: In short: life is expensive. As an adult you need to actually go out and work for your money. Initially this project began as a for-profit project, but after an year running I've now realized that 4chan archives are neither that popular nor actually profitable, contrary to popular beliefs, even with a lot of advertisements I'm still barely making enough to pay the server bills. The owners of 4chan have also expressed the same concerns, that ad revenue is not enough. Hiro numerously said that even with the 4Chan passes the revenue is dangerously low for them.
I really really hate any kind of ads, trust me, but hosting is expensive and being europoor I can't afford to pay it out of my pocket (the hosting bill is actually more than the minimum wage in my country). I do love the project and I want to keep it running as long as I'm alive, thus the only other option was to add advertisements. I want to stop having ads on this website, thus if people donate enough to ensure the project's future I'll remove them.
Additionally, I had a so to say, a change of heart. The community which visits these archives is unlike any other and I love it very much. I now care a lot more about the community and their enjoyment than the potential revenue, otherwise I could have placed 50 popups and 20 sliding ads.

Q: If I donate X amount can I have something special?
A: Sure, as long as I'm able to fulfill your request (as in asking me to remove or alter a legit post - that won't happen). If its something like your name being added to a list of top donators or such - sure. Email me with your BTC wallet address and the amount you donated to prove it was you and I'll do my best to fulfill your wishes.

Q: I have additional questions that were not answered here.
A: You can either make your own thread, contact me via email, PM me on IRC or ask in the main support thread - https://archiveofsins.com/talk/thread/16/


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Work in progress...
Importing the 4ch.be DB and thumbs dumps...
Importing the archive.moe DB and images dumps...
Importing the archived.moe's DB and images dumps..
ETA: 1week (probably ?)
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