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So I found out my dad is gay but he’s still married to my mom, what should I do?


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How about a thread about guys who you hate for whatever reason, but god damn if you wouldn't fuck them if given the chance.

Pic related, don't want to get political but I don't agree this kid, but he is a fucking handsome little twink
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Twink thread

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Chastity thread 2018

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Does anyone else miss emo twinks?
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I don't know what it is about this basic underwear that gets me so riled up. Is it the way it clings to the ass? The way it shows off the package so well? The way it reminds me of seeing my crushes semi-naked for the first time? This is the thread for those who get hard at men in tighty-whities.
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Post your ideal boyfriend naked thred

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Post your ideal boyfriend naked thred
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Guys you've sucked off

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Let's see what's out there
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Loose Asshole

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Post some big and loose boy assholes
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Its finally here
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