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/SBT/ Small Breast Thread.

Previous thread >>25609050

>Females only
>Timestamp if new
>No contactfagging
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any improvements?

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Lewd and Nude Kik game

Post YOUR kik ID

Send a nude to the person above
And so on...

Replay all you want

Post if someone skips you and don't forget to your host :)

Kik: TylerDickens13
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because the other one reached 300

Tinder general. Let's try to keep these threads contained

>stop it with selfies for every picture
>take a picture or two with friends, or pay some random people in public to take a picture with you to imitate friends
>weak ass bios will ruin your chances with girls on the fence
>there's a chance you're just a creepy dude that will never get laid on an app built on your first picture

Feel free to ask for advise and post tinder stories.
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any females out there into femboys?
I'm 5'6, 116 lbs, hazel eyes and brown hair.

I'm into guys as well, I just prefer girls.

Ask me anything, I'm really bored.
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/boob/ thread

>NO fucking contactfagging
>Females only
>Timestamp if new
>be civil to each other

Upload vids -
Erome -
Gifs -
WebMs -

from >>25567394
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I haven't seen a Lesbian threat in a long time and I feel like its impossible to find other lesbians on this site. So I decided to start one!

Come in and chat, make new friends or new romances. Lets have fun.
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New Canada thread. Old thread hit the bump limit.

Post your area code and meet other Canadian friends.

Also join the Official Canada Discord
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Does /soc/ have any black girls that want to swirl?
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