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Post ASL
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Jerk off buddy thread.
Like watching someone jerk, or jerking while someone is watching you? Or maybe both? Well then this is the thread for you. Drop your kik usernames and let the fun begin
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TINDER THREAD - "Smile in your main photo" Edition

Share stories, write bios, and just generally help each other out

Old thread: >>26716165
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Rate and assume
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New DIRTY kik thread! Last one filled up. Post your ASL, kik name, and what you're looking for.
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Washington state thread

32/M/Seattle, would love to meet up with a cutie pie this afternoon
kik: bigbenseattle
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NJ Meetup Thread
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Tall and skinny guys!
Give me something nice to look at, come on. Dont leave the femanons (and the occasional gay) hanging.

Let OP caress you with some well-placed compliments.
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How do you make friends? I am so depressed/scared/angry etc... I dont know what to do, I work nine to five 4days a week rest of the time im more or less alone... point being, can you make meaningfull relations online?
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