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/kdp/ - Official Kik Dick Pic Thread
First, post your kik username in this thread if you want to have dick pics sent to you. Second, if you want something more specific add it to your post, but only post in this thread if you are ok with getting dick pics. Finally, don't forget to also send a pic to me, your friendly broanon gpgpg13.

Don't just send 'hi', 'hey', '/soc/?' or any variation or I ignore. Just wanna see some dicks
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Welcome, one and all, to a thread of dirty talk, audio masturbation, vocal smut and shenanigans all recorded on vocaroo or other sites and posted for your listening pleasure.

If you're performing, be as tame, romantic, sensual or filthy as you like. Record your masturbation, try some scripts, improv, sing, play music, talk about your favorite sexual fantasies, and/or just look for requests on the thread.
Be creative!

If you're joining us to listen, we hope you enjoy your time here with us, and do be sure to comment. Your requests are more than welcome!

Please remember to tag your post with your performer name, the request link and/or title and type of work (song, fap, script, etc...)
And if you sing please put the title on it.

All content is welcome here, but please keep in mind:

>Please keep long scripts and extreme scripts in pastebins (
>Name and picture requests can be fulfilled, such requests will often be overlooked.
>Contactfagging is discouraged, please keep it to a minimum.
>Please only post an establishing post if you're a scriptwriter, performer or your id has changed.
>Refrain from spamming the thread.
>General 4chan and /soc/ rules apply.
>Please be civil towards the people.
>Please tag requests with <<Request>> or similar
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New SMA Skinny Medium Average thread because the other macros suck and the mods been allowing the spam thread to stay and removing the older one.


You know the rules, females only, no contact fagging, timestamp if new or requested.
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/camwhore/ - Camwhore General

Complaints? Nostalgia?
What to know what your biggest fans look like?
Tell us about that dream you had about a camwhore.
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Post about yourself and what you want

Hung 18 Portuguese M looking for an F to exchange pics or videos, or just talk about anything

Kik: Hundrali
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Trap/CD/Femboi/Boibutt Thread
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No kik game thread!?

Post your kik user name. Send a pic to the person above. My kik DickWatcher69
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Big dick kik thread.

Post your kik if want big dicks sent to you.
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