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>be 8 year old me
>staying over at my friend chris's house
>we play gta iv for like 8 hours straight
>its 2:am
>we tired and bored as fuck
>chris says hes gonna change into his dressing goun
>tells me to look away bc hes gonna get naked
>peek through hands anyway because faggot
>he drops his boxer shorts
>my heart fucking stops
>his dick was fucking HUGE
>like, even if he was 18, itd be considered fucking gigantic
>how the FUCK
>he dresses up
>gets back in the blow-up bed w/ me
>ask him if we should do dares before sleep
>he agrees


>he takes a dare
>i dare him to try and suck his own dick
>he flops out his massive cock and shoves it in his gob, with literally no fucking effort given to do so
>hes a god
>i cant help myself
>i lunge at him and suck him off
>he giggles and laughs
>anon, i didnt know you were gay too?
>gay too?
>ask him how big his dick is in inches
>a straight 10"
>reminder: FUCKING 8 YEARS OLD
>i worship his dick
>we both fall asleep
>wake up with his dick literally resting on my cheek
>suck it again


>mom comes into bedroom to bear bad news
>chris is leaving to live in spain

I cant fucking imagine how big his dick must be right now. If it was 10 inches before puberty, then it must be at least 18 inches.
Im 100% sure he has the biggest dick in the world, and i got to suck it off :)