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Ok, I'll start.
>be me, 30s, horny, checking craigslist
>see my ideal guy (pic related)
>except he's Mexican, 19, confident, young with a good sized chubby uncut dick
>says hes a top
>I'm like whaaaa
>(love confident guys who are tops but have no reason to be confident because they are chubs)
>we message back and forth
>goes nowhere
>a few months later see him again
>text him
> long story short we meet
>he greets me out front of his place
>nice guy. I can tell he's chill
>his grandma is in the living room
>he says something to her in Spanish
>we go to his little ghetto room with his ghetto single bed
>we know whats up
>after small talk in the bed we kick off clothes that seem to make us hot/uncomfortable
>soon he's in his boxers and shirt
>hes got beautiful dark skin, hes young, chill, clean chubby Mexican guy.
>we start to gently make out
>I put my hand inside his boxers and caress his smooth, brown balls
> we start to 69
> he has such a deep mouth and sucks me perfectly, no teeth
>great for how young he is
>he flips me on my stomach and his fat uncut cock is covered in my spit
>he tries to slide it in BB
>i deny him by turning over and making out with him
>just not sure I should take BB from a stranger no matter how chill he is
>I suck him until he cums and I lick it up from his tummy to his balls
>tastes nice and clean
>he tells me he and his dad sing Mexican songs
>I can tell he's a really normal guy
>shoulda let him bone me and blow inside but ce la vieee
>we met again for blowjobs
>I lost his number
>I miss you jonathan