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Share your Sex Club/Bathhouse Stories

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>Be me
>18 yo
>Convinced gay friend to come with me to local sex club because I'm horny and too scared to go alone
>Place looks like a laser tag arena
>Go to the bathroom to piss
>Guy around my age comes to the urinal next to me
>We both look at each others junk
>Stare at his cock while we're pissing
>Leave the bathroom and start scoping the guys
>Lots of old dudes and only some young guys
>Realize I'm probably one of the youngest guys here
>Make out with some average guys but I'm not really into it
>Find the guy from the bathroom and we go into a private booth.
>We start making out and it starts getting hot
>He pushes me away then leaves the booth
>Cruise some more
>Finally I find some dude who looks my age
>We both rush to a caged booth
>Jack each other off and make out while people watch
>They try to touch my ass through the bars but I swat their hands away
>Shoot our loads on the floor while we make out
>Glad I didnt get blue balled

I haven't been to one since, but I'm hoping to go to another one soon. I left some parts out but let me know if you want me to share them.