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Drawfags, Editors, whatever the fuck, git in here

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As you all can see i have been working on editing a pure clean pic of this milf from a manga chapter.
I somehow redrew the hair on the upper left and shoulder right sides, the easiest work was erasing everything to her outline.
All took about 2 hours or so.

But now i am in a corner and my brain won't function anymore.

This is the last piece of this pic that i need to edit (left side with the label and shit).
Or rather that i need SOMEONE to edit who has a sense of redrawing shit and some better skills at photoshop.
Removing the moonrunes isn't the problem, redrawing the hair is as i am incapable of doing this correctly.

Is there any one drawfag or editor who would be capable of doing me this favor of finishing the editing on this pic regarding that hair and runes?
I am aiming to use this and share this as a mascot for the ahodesuka/4chan-Style-Script.