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-J here!

Don't want to go to /r/ for this, I know if anyone will have such a thing it will definitely be my bretheren here on /h/

A little background, I had an interest in Mangas oh, say, right around when Shonen Jump started popping up in the US. One of my favorite stories of ALL TIMW. and easily one of the most epic Tsundere characters of all time was Anna Kyoyama, Yoh Asakura's fiaance...

Now, /h/ I've had a hard on for this girl for almost ten years, can you guys delivar a doujinshu????? I will give you all my internets

And, of course, in return I will also continue to dump some of my favorites

Title: Ane - Koi (Chapter 3)
Artisi: Yuzuki N Dash