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B-Chiku by Distance


1. Fraeulein Assault.
Torou comes home from work to--a wife!? And she's the daughter of the Yanaga Combine? Not to mention drop-dead gorgeous and so eager to please Torou...

2. Melancholy Of A Teacher In Black Tights.
Sensei is at her wits end: why, oh why did she give in to temptation yesterday? And the boy is totally clueless! It's all because there are no available men at her school. So she decides to give this boy one more chance...

3. First Ecstasy.
Team captain Yukari can't believe her ears. All her team-mates want to talk about is sex! Unprotected sex at that. No way she'd do that--not even with her boyfriend Oumi. Can she keep her vow?

4. Elegy.
Manabu loves to watch cute Takimoto--except when her older sister, Himeko-sensei gets in the way. Manabu confesses to sensei he really likes Takimoto but knows she'd never go out with him. Himeko-sensei is disgusted. Time to make this boy into a man!

5. Engage X Insert.
How could things get any worse? Yuu's girlfriend Minami is in his room watching his porn videos! She loves how the actress reacts when penetrated--and wants Yuu to do the same to her!

6. Absolute Normal.
She forgot her gym bag. She goes back to find cute Misaki sniffing her clothing. He babbles an apology and swears he loves her scent. Her scent...? That's just too weird. But still she wants to know more about Misaki...

7. Her Grand-Scale Failure.
Yumi can't believe how much weight she's gained. She's pudgy! We're talking bulges here. And the new bikini her boyfriend got her is just humiliating. But when he sees her in it he goes wild...

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