This is not good... he's coming!

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Oh please never spell this wrong, this is why it's good to learn how to spell: As the seamen came out, they showed me their pennies, they didn't seem wealthy after all, their pennies seemed dirty and their clothes raggedy. They wanted me to teach them how to master bait. Then someone came running in the back screaming that he was already coming. And I couldn't take anymore bad news, my head was already feeling hot, and my pants were all wet. Soon just to make sure, I checked the back of the dock, and saw that we had a lot of horny fish, but the smell was terrible. Soon I saw a suspicios guy, with something wobbling in his pants, to my surprise, he pulled out a cocky bird out of his pants. Well I guess atleast today there will be enough lunch for everyone. Then I heard a loud bell far away. The guy screamed again "He's coming!". I could almost feel the tentacles wrappyng around my body.