Original Fapgauntlet

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I've been working on a FapGauntlet program, and I wanted to share it here. Things are a little different with the one I made though. My FapGauntlet can be found here.


The differences are that mines read the title of the image for information for example.

Boa l04 s09 choose 1.gif = loop 4 times or 9 seconds passes default 9 seconds passes. Numbers after s and l have to be two digits or it wont register and you get random numbers.

You can cut stuff out like
Boal04.gif and it'll just loop 20 times and set a random number in the seconds area.

Downloading from the threads is done via the 4chan image downloader. (Make sure you check the box saying "save with original filename" cause that's important) and of course copy the thread url into the thread box.

The only reason I did this was because the official fapgauntlet wouldn't connect to any thread and had issues for me... and I wanted to flex my programming muscle.