Butt-Clown" Hentai Comic (Writers/Ideas Needed)

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Hello /h/, the image I have attached to this post is of an original character I created. I would like to feature this character in a one-shot, hardcore erotic, comic and was looking for any writers interested in helping me flesh out the character and the various scenarios she can encounter. I will provide a little bit of the back story I have come up with thus far:

Her real name is Kelly, a high school slut who comes across a clown costume left behind by a succubus from the demon world. When Kelly dawns the costume she inherits supernatural succubus-like abilities. She uses her new getup to perform as the "Butt-Clown" doing various tricks with her ass. Some of the tricks she uses in her act include farting confetti, swallowing sausage links and pulling them out through her ass, using her big butt-cheeks like bongos to play music, and blow balloons with her bunghole. Kelly uses her new-found abilities to rake in a profit as she is constantly booked for birthday and private parties due to her unorthodox method of entertainment.

If any of you are decent writers and feel this idea has potential, I would be more than happy to work with you. We can brainstorm, role-play and discuss ideas and whatnot. If you are interested or have any questions my aim messenger is Shalashaska1776. I will be online so feel free to message me.