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my dad just turned 59 on October 20 this year. He's a recovered drug addict, he use to smoke a bunch of crack. Well when he smoked crack 8 years ago, I was about 12, him 51 when he was going the most. When he was doing a lot of drugs, he mainly just rubbed his cock on my ass crack while he thought I was sleeping. He never penetrated though. If he ever put any of his cock in my asshole I would keep squirming till he was fed up (he was really fucked up, remember he was an addict.) Well, anyways... he's been sober for 8 years now. I'm 20, living with him and lifes a lot different. I think this would happen but I miss my daddys big cock. He stopped doing drugs, and along with that he got more selfish and stopped sharing is cock with me. I know he'll never fuck me now, since he sober. So what should I drug him with to finally fuck my dad? I need him to not remember but also feel everything. I want daddys cum everywhere