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Cock Sucker's POV/Upshots/From below

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>inhaling a man's musk
>being intoxicated by his natural odors

The first sexual experience I ever had was with a surfer. He drove from pretty far to come and meet me. When he pulled down his board shorts and revealed his cock, his natural odor gave me an intense rush of sexual energy. The combination of the ocean's natural wash and the humidity causing his balls to sweat brought out his unique pheromones. He moved his crotch closer to my face where his balls were close. He started rubbing his dick and precum on my face and I inhaled his aroma. He finally jammed his cock in to my mouth and down my throat. I didn't gag though, because my nose was up against his pubes and his man smell was an aphrodisiac.

So let's see some pics of dudes' crotch area from below. Bonus points if the balls are oiled up/sweaty.