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Straight Friends

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Experiences and stories with your straight friends.

>Be me, 17 year old high school senior.
>Staying the night over my best friend's house.
>Watching T.V. and drinking cheap liquor.
>Friend starts talking about girls he likes and girls he's fucked.
>Friend is straight 10/10 swimmers build.
>Start to get hard sneaking glances at his crotch.
>Can see the outline of his cock on pajama pants.
>He asks me about my experience with guys.
>Joke around saying I've only given head.
>"LOL you're a faggot dude."
>He always busts my balls about being gay.
>Only out to him at this point.
>Play vidya for a while before bed.
>Progressively getting drunker on cheap booze.
>He starts to tell me about his girl troubles and sexual frustrations.
>Sucks man.
>Half jokingly say "I can suck you're cock of you'd like".
>"LOL You'd like that wouldn't you queer."
>Laying on the floor next to his bed trying to fall asleep.
>I hear him ask me "Anon, how big is your dick?" in a serious tone.
>"Uh like 6 inches."
>"Can I see?"
>Why not. Show him my limp dick.
>"Can I see yours?"
>He pulls back the covers on his bed and pulls down his pajamas.
>He has a monster 8 inch cock.
>He's hard.
>Ask him, "Why are you hard?"
>Nervously laughs "I guess thinking of showing it to you."
>Heart is racing.
>Start touching his cock, he doesn't say anything.
>So much pre-cum dripping from his head.
>Slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft.
>Room is dead quite aside from our breathing.
>Some how ask if he minds if I suck it.
>He says sure.
>I'm kneeling on the side of his bed trying to suck his dick.
>Ask him to sit up.
>Take off his bottoms and rest his legs on my shoulders and resume blowing him.
>Listen to him moan and mumble "take it all".
>My teeth grid against his shaft and I feel his legs tense on my shoulders.
>He moans.
>"Did you like that?"
>"Yes, keep sucking."
>Grabs my hair and pushes my face down into his crotch.
>Eventually blows his load.