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Dominated/ Humiliated/ Rape Victim fantasies

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this thread is for anons with fantasies of being dominated, humiliated, forced, coerced, or just out and out raped by guys, often with a side of slapping, pinning down, and degrading language to go along with it.

Post fantasies, stories, pictures, videos, and the inevitable link to Minets Sauvages.

>for me, it all started when I moved into a house with this gorgeous housemate
>he was a competitive swimmer, so you can imagine the kind of body he had
>he liked to walk around in his boxers, the kind where you can see where the tip of his cock tents the fabric slightly, waggling back and forth as he walks
>one night have a dream where hes in his room wanking with the door cracked
>i peek in, he sees me
>enraged, he pushes the door open
>berating me, he says that he should have known better than to let some bislut whore move in with him
>he shoves me to the ground, wrenches my pants down to my knees, and jams his cock up my butt right there in the hallway
>he taunts me while he fucks me, saying things like 'this is what you faggots like isnt it'
>he cums inside me, slaps me in the face, and leaves me there on the floor, trembling and used
>later, wake up with the hardest morning boner ive ever had
>realize what i just fantasized about, oh god wtf is wrong with me
>wank anyway, jizz so hard i practically get it on the fucking ceiling

whyd he have to be straight ;_;

also, because theres always 'that guy' in these threads, yes we realize that irl, rape is a horrible crime against humanity that no one enjoys. but thats not what this thread is about. these are fantasies.

also, dont post anything that purports to be of 'real rape'. thats just creepy.