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Father son incest

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For the longest time i had wanted to be fucked by my dad. My dad was tall,handsome,lean and muscular with thick dark hair he wore military length and always had a five o'clock shadow. He had his old biker tattoos on his arms from when he was younger and still wore military fatigue pants from his service days when he was working around the house. I loved watching him work shirtless. There was a hole above the bathroom where he was working on the ceiling where if i sat in the hall closet I could see him shower and I got to see his long thick cock on several occasions. I got really brave a few times when he would black out from the ambien he took. I'd sneak in his room and rub his bulge through his briefs and as time went on I would tug them down so i could touch his cock and lick it. I sucked it once till it got hard but left to jerk off. I wanted that dick in me so badly. I still do. Anyone else got some Father son stories? Either real or fantasy?