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This happened a couple of years ago, but i finally managed to type this greentext. Don't forget to share yours!

>be 16
>more or less 5'8 and 155 lbs
>early justin bieber hairstyle
>a sexually frustrated teen
>spending most of my time edging and discovering new fetishes
>pretty used to things like selfsuck and piss by 17
>not to mention anal masturbation
>discover craigslist and immediately post an ad
>lie about my age of course
>get tons of replies
>sort of self-conscious
>choose two guys, tell the rest I'm not interested
>1st one is an extremely hairy bear-type guy,
>turned me on because I used to shave every single body hair at the time
>things that repelled me a bit were his face and him being almost obese
>still, his very thick ~6 inch cock and incest fetish made up for it
>lives in a different part of city and doesn't have his own apartment
>agree to meet downtown in a public toilet of the mall
>say I'm down for a hj, frot, maybe more
>fast forward to the moment I enter the place
>the pressure has been increasing but now my heart is pounding like I'm on drugs