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Distance - Triple H PART2

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Continuation of >>3250470

Circle/Author: Distance
Title: HHH
Size: 222.1 MB
Files: 204
Language: English
Censored: NOPE.

1-6. HHH
Shigure Takashima is the school princess and is basically a perfect girl from any angle...on the outside. On the inside she enjoys masturbating after school in the empty classrooms, having wild fantasies on "what would happen if someone where to waltz in the room now". Little did she know, that someone was already in that room to begin with.
The guy in question is a freshmen called Kitakomatsu and didn't meant any harm and is perfectly fine with forgetting everything he saw... But Takashima-senpai didn't like that idea...

7. Peach Temptation
A perfectly normal young man is tempted to his limits by the physical charms of a girl he's known all his life. Can he resist? Magic 8-ball says: "Not a chance!

8. Musume to Chichi no Yakusoku. (A Daughter's Promise with Father)
"I think everyone has a secret of their own..." Lovely Miyuki still shares a bath with her father. But this night is different. Tonight Miyuki will keep a promise she made to her father. Tonight there will be nothing in the way... As I thought; I really have a severe father complex, don't I...?