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Pic mostly unrelated.

Okay so, I could use a little help here guys. Basically I remember seeing this one hentai years ago but I can't remember what it's called or many details at all as to what happens in it. So if you could, based on what I barely remember, help me find this hentai again it would be much appreciated.

Here's what I remember:
-Starts off with 3 girls in a hot spring, breaking the fourth wall and talking to the viewer
-I remember there being 2 large breasted girls and the third girl being all around small
-Pretty sure one of the girls had blue hair and the small girl had red hair
-I'm not normally into futa, but I remember the small girl acquiring a penis at some point
-90% that it's an OVA to a series and that there were 2 episodes

That's about all I can remember,
thanks mates.