No Condom Sex

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Shinji Nora - No Condom Sex

Nao and Akane are childhood friends. One day, Akane comes over to get Nao so they can go on a date but Nao pretends that he has a stomach ache and flakes on her. With Akane gone, Nao finally has a chance to enjoy some dirty magazines. As he starts to enjoy himself, he is suddently visited by a ghost named Oryou.

Oryou reveals to Nao that she was unable to truly die because she was so stricken with grief when her lover, Sousuke, was killed by Yakuza three hundred years ago. Oryou then reveals that the reason Nao can see her is because Sousuke's soul is actually trapped inside Nao's body and in order to release it, Nao must experience the same passion that Sousuke felt with Oryou when they were alive. In order to do this, Nao must have sex with as many women as he can while also trying to maintain his relationship with Akane...