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Power Play - Yamatogawa

The evil sex king, Shadalh, is trying to gather all the beautiful girls in the world to his harem, but the three female magical knights, Maria, Mina and Eclair, intervene with his plans and his familiar, Sara, is forced to save him with teleportation magic. In her haste, Sara mixes up the spell with one of reincarnation which causes Shadalh to be reborn as Imao Sadaharu; a 28 year old virgin and self-proclaimed video game designer.

One day, at lunch, Sadaharu's "lonely virgin" wish that "a girl would fall from the sky" is inadvertently granted when he notices a sparrow diving towards him. When the sparrow crashes into the window, it suddenly transforms into Sara who has come from a parallel universe to find him. Disappointed that Sadaharu is still a virgin, Sara makes it her mission to turn Sadaharu into the evil sex king and continue their plan for world domination.

But unfortunately for Sara and her plans, Maria, Mina and Eclair also discover Sadaharu...