Girlfriend Hentai Help 2!

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Hey /h/ I posted a while back about getting advice for my starting my gf on some hentai experimentation. Big success! Great sex was had, big thanks to you for your suggestions. Now I'm looking for a bit more advice.

First I'll start by telling you the results. She loved Consenting Adultery, got her really hot. Also a big success was Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro. Sexfriend was enjoyed quite a bit too. The lesser successes were Hatsu Inu and Lover in Law, while she got turned on she found Hatsu a bit too weird in her words and so found it off putting and Lover in Law had a bit too much focus on story and so well just not enough focus on the sex, I think it was a matter of too much downtime.

I noticed in terms of her turn ons and turn off she really enjoys two women threesomes, can enjoy some girl on girl too and got really turned on by the bit in Sora no Iro where the girl is touching herself. She didn't like too massive boobs, she finds them weird looking when they get so exaggerated and finds it distracting though she can deal with it in the right circumstances, she enjoyed Consenting Adultery afterall. She can deal with a little anal but too much of it she also finds off putting, hoping she can get used to it in time through gradual exposure since its in so much.

So now the request, please can you, the knowledgeable and benevolent denizens of /h/ help a guy get his gf further into hentai and have some great sex along the way? Please suggest other things that she might enjoy from what I've posted. Willing to reward with dumps of what I have to thank for generosity.

Also if you are willing to link to some fate/stay night doujins of Rin where she acts in character that would be a big bonus. I'm thinking that's something she might enjoy a lot too from what she has mentioned.