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Collection of short stories:

1. When She Changes Clothes to the Yukata
2. Be Quiet in the Nurse's Office
3. Just Barely My Sister
4. The Future on Your Palm
A guy makes a palm reading booth so that he could hold the hands of beautiful girls. After no one visits it, a friend of his visits his booth and wants her palm read. After not believing his fortune, he suggests trying to read a part of her body other than her palms.
5. Honey Bitch
A boss makes his employee check up on his beautiful wife to make sure she isn't having an affair.
6. Encouraging Eco-heating
7. Time Capsule
8. Can't Fall Asleep even at Midnight
9. Adult's Time
10. Matiere
11. Here Comes a New Challenger!
A geek-guy and a geek-girl discover they don’t only appreciate playing video games together.
12. Scar