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TakayaKi - Koiito Kinenbi

1. Kyuuten Chokka no Holy Night (Abrupt Holy Night)

2. Holy Night Invader

3. Holy Night Happy Bell
A mother gives Santa costumes to her daughters so they can seduce a nameless guy.

4. Himegitsune (Princess Fox)

5. Miko Miko Yaku Shibori (Miko Miko Misfortune Extraction)

6-10. Musunde Hiraite (Clench-Open)
Yuichi, a high schooler, has fallen for the landlady of his apartment. And she feels the same way.

11. Heiten wa Dokidoki no Hajimari (Heart-Throbbing First Time at Store Closing)

12. Hors d'oeuvre wa Wakaokusama (The Hors d'oeuvre Is a Young Wife)

13. Yaki Moki Grow Up!
The always clumsy Suzu-chan is in love with her sempai at work. So, she is, of course, heartbroken when he tells her that he loves her just like a sister.

14. Sorezore no Sotsugyou Taiken (Our Graduation Experience)
Yuki's beloved senpai is graduating and it's his last day, her last chance to tell him how she feels. But when she chokes up on her confession he just smiles, pats her on the head and promises never to forget her. Yuki throws herself on him in desperation and blurts out she loves him. Senpai admits he loves her also and rewards her with a kiss...

15. Koakuma Anna (Little Devil Anna)